finding: A Poem

 there’s the core
 and then there’s everything else
 a lot of pointless details and fluff
 that lead to nowhere
 and everywhere I am lost
 you bring me out of myself
 each and every moment that I’m with you
 and even when I’m not
 I’m starting to understand  
 you’re truly my better half
 but it feels like I’ve always known that
 on some level
 deep down
 buried beneath the unimportant fluff
 you’re always enough
 even when I’m drowning and my voice is cut off
 you see me
 and even when you don’t understand what you see
 not because you don’t want to
 but because you cannot
 you still love me
 you say you fall in love with me more
 each and every day
 and I believe you
 because I know the feeling
 but sometimes I feel sad thinking
 there was ever a day I could have loved you less
 because no one can love what one does not know
 but then I remember
 you’re my better half
 and somehow
 in a way that words cannot explain
 you were always there
 you’ve always made up the parts of me I love
 and now that we are one
 you are every part of me 

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