How to ACTUALLY Make Ciabatta

I scoured the internet for a good ciabatta recipe, but couldn’t find one that worked. I just wanted it to look the same as Paul Hollywood’s. So, I figured it out all on my lonesome. Below is the best recipe I could come up with.


  • 1tsp yeast
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • olive oil (just enough to brush over the loaves once they go in the oven)
  • a spray bottle full of water
  • a whole lot of patience and time

Recipe Instructions:

  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees F and line a baking dish with parchment paper
  • Add 1tsp yeast, 1tsp salt, and 1 cup of lukewarm water to a bowl
  • Stir until the yeast dissolves and the mixture smells yeasty
  • Add 2 cups of flour to the wet mixture and stir until just combined
  • Cover with plastic wrap and place on top of the preheated oven to proof for a total of 2 hours
  • Uncover the dough every 30 mins and fold it over itself for 8 folds; do this a total of 3 times within the 2 hours of proofing, and make sure to cover with the plastic wrap after each set of folding
  • After the full 2 hours of proofing and folding, tip the bowl over and let the dough gently fall unto a heavily floured surface
  • Separate the dough into 4 even pieces
  • Gently stretch each piece of dough into a rectangle and then roll it in on itself, being careful to maintain air bubbles
  • Shape the four pieces of dough into squares (use a lot of flour so it doesn’t stick to your hands)
  • Cover with a cloth and let proof for a final 45 mins
  • After the final proofing, transfer the dough to the lined baking dish
  • Lightly brush the dough with olive oil
  • Place the loaves in the 450 degree F oven and immediately spritz with water before closing, so as to create steam
  • Bake for 20 mins
  • After 20 mins, open the oven and spritz again with water
  • Bake an additional 10 mins
  • Remove from the oven and tap the bottom of the bread to make sure it’s done
  • Allow to cool
  • Enjoy! 🙂 ❤ xoxoxo

unique: A Poem

 you weren’t born broken like the rest of us
 you weren’t even made broken
 you’re just you 
 bitten off whole
 from your mother’s broken womb
 we are all made who we are by our mothers
 either because of them
 or in spite of them
 but you came out whole
 and you picked up her pieces
 even though it wasn’t your job
 and no one expected it
 now I’m yours
 and you fill in all the missing pieces
 but I don’t want you to fix me
 you’ve already done that enough
 now it’s your turn
 to be the taker
 I need to fix myself
 so I can give my all to you 

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rereading: A Poem

 rereading what I write
 is like reading the words of a stranger
 I don’t know her
 I am her
 I am who am
 the god of my brain
 with no self-control
 and it makes the acids in my stomach sour
 the back of my mouth closes
 it’s hard to swallow
 labored breathing
 labor pains
 as I realize who I am
 my chest swells
 too tight
 I am drowning
 in blankets
 I can’t swallow
 breathe in
 not enough comes out
 acid burns
 like tiny tidal waves
 over dead
 how could I have ever felt this way?
 I don’t understand people
 who feel the need to find themselves
 who am I?
 I’ve always known
 never looked 
 I don’t know
 how did I ever feel
 the way I felt yesterday?
 how did I ever feel
 the way I felt tomorrow?
 could I ever have been
 so sad
 when I feel so happy now?
 but that happiness
 is really relief
 I better believe it now
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