found: A Poem

 I lost my heart
 but then you found it
 tangled in the weeds
 I once called civility
 but I now know by a different name
 I lost my mind
 it’s funny how 
 the ones who make you crazy
 convince you 
 the rest of the world is insane
 it’s funny
 except no one is laughing but me
 because it feels so strange 
 to think with such clarity
 and such calm
 you are my life-giving ocean
 washing over me
 keeping me safe and warm and smooth
 like a piece of broken glass
 made into something beautiful 
 after being worn down by the waves
 you’ve made me a heathen
 in the most civil and wild way there is to be
 because I’ve become me
 and I am free 

Photo by Rachel Claire on

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