Water (9/12): Boomerang

#imagery #poem

Okore Elmer

my kisses are whitewash
spilled all over your mind
and all the pain I’ve caused you
all the hurt I’ve brought you
you just don’t seem to mind

your arms your feet are tendrils
wound around me completely
tight enough to firmly grip me
loose enough not to choke me
you cannot do without me

it’s like I’ve spilled acid in you
and now you’re burning from the inside
sweat oozing out through your skin
your breath scaldingly hot like steam
you could burn me to third degree

getting out is now a fight
you’ve trapped me in with all your might
so I won’t crush you with my weight
I pin my elbows beside your neck
don’t know how long I’ll have to wait

your heart bashes my chest over and over
throbbing and begging over and over
that it my heart would take over
but it would be…

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