When the mirror lies: Body dysmorphic disorder

A Spoonful of Dri

Note: Orignally written for Tiny Medicine. Click on the link below to watch the animated verison of this blog post.

Most of us are guilty of not being satisfied with the man in the mirror but when this dissatisfaction becomes an obsession it’s highly likely that you’re not just being vain but in reality suffering from body of dysmorphic disorder. Keep on watching to find out more about this interesting condition.

What exactly is body dysmorphic disorder?

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental disorder where one is unhappy with their appearance resulting in an obsession with their flaws thereby hindering their ability to lead a normal life. This flaw could either be a figment of the victim’s imagination or when actually present is less significant than it is perceived by the victim. The obsession can be focused on any part of the body but is more commonly focused on the…

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