If, Could I Catch Those Tears?

That Gut Wrenching Poetry

If, when I look back
Could I catch those tears?

I missed a step.
Turn, I overdid a step
If, maybe parallel
Could I take that step?

Lie, this is
I woke up
But yesterday, those tears
I’d held
Yet here, my eyes aren’t dry
I woke. Lies, everything
If, when I go to sleep
Could I not live there?

I missed a step.
Rage, I let go easily
Where is it buried?
If, maybe looked upon with favour
Let my eyes glow
Could I keep those tears?

Lie, this is
I went to sleep
But today, I’m changed
I’m brisk, my breath catches
I feel stiff
How long I’ve lived…
If, when I look back
Could I, could know those tears?

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